Food 4 the Soul: Potiphar’s Portion

Our present inspirational post was inspired by a meal entitled “Potiphar’s Portion.” This meal offers a healthy portion of rice and blackeyed peas, and a satisfying portion of turkey necks, which are usually considered as a flavoring meat, rather than a main course. While I was preparing this meal, I thought about Joseph and all of his toils as he was being prepared to become a future ruler in Egypt. Though many focus on the dreams that he had and view his time at Potiphar as just “flavoring” to his journey, I thought it necessary to focus on his time at Potiphar’s house to establish some biblical truths for the Christian today.

 And the Lord was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous man; and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian. (Genesis 39:2)

While he was in Potiphar’s service, the Lord was with Joseph and as we read on further in Genesis 39, we find that Joseph prospered while there. We find that even as a slave, Joseph was faithful to God and the tasks assigned him by Potiphar. In doing so, Potiphar placed Jospeh over his whole house. We see that Joseph’s time at Potiphar’s house was specific training and foreshadowing for his future role in Egypt. Without this experience, he may not have been prepared to serve Pharaoh.

I want to encourage Christians everywhere who may be in unfavorable situations today. You may have to work on job that you do not like, attend a school you don’t really care for, or even serve and attend a local assembly that may be challenging. Just know that as Potiphar’s house was necessary for Joseph’s development and future blessing, so it is for you. Continue to be faithful with the tasks that are before you in the place where you are presently. In the end, like Joseph, you will see the Lord remember you for your faithfulness and your toils and bring you into a hope and a future.

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