Food 4 the Soul: Fishers of Men

Growing up, I loved to fish. It didn’t matter if I only used a cane or an upgraded rod with reel. The whole process was fun. I would dig in the sand next to the lake or pond to find worms to use as bait. Other times, I would use whatever I could (bread, luncheon meat, etc). Then came the moment of truth where I would cast the line in and wait. Sometimes I would be successful and of course there were times where no fish were caught. This meal consisting of fried fish, rice, and black eyed peas reminded me of those days. In addition, it caused me to think about Jesus’ words to some of the disciples.

And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. Matthew 4:19

As Christians, it is easy to forget that along with the admonition to follow Christ is the challenge to become fishers of men. Soul winning is the responsibility of every Christian. The process can be tedious and frustration like mine was growing up trying to fish. We must use the right bait and be patient in our “fishing” efforts to win others to Christ, just like fishing. Our zeal for the salvation of others should be fueled by the knowledge of the eternal rewards of heaven and the torments awaiting those who do not receive His gracious offer. On today, make an attempt to impact someone with the message of salvation and redemption offered by Jesus Christ.

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